Another Untitled Poem

You’re in my heart, you’re in my dreams Not a moment is without you in my mind, it seems You make me laugh, you make me warm You make me smile through my emotional storms I’ve opened my heart, I’ve opened my soul Given you all I have, I hope you know You’ve turned my days from black to gold All of my secrets have begun to unfold But this part of my heart and voice… Continue Reading

Untitled 3

Shattered dreams, the pieces fall. You pick me up through it all Tears flowing from my eyes You make sure my sadness dies. Each day I awake from slumber to see Just how much more you mean to me. You’ve captured my heart, stolen my soul. Love for you grows out of control. A life without meaning has come to an end. You’ve opened me up, I no longer pretend. Elation fills me when it’s… Continue Reading

Its Never Too Late

George Eliot said “It’s never to late to become what you might have been.” Thanks Mr. Eliot for trying to give me hope, but I might have been able to fulfill my dreams as a model if my parents were taller, but that would mean i would either a) have had different parents and then not looked like I look or be who I am and then maybe I wouldn’t want to be a model… Continue Reading


I opened the door of the empty home The silence echos, another night alone Walk up the stairs, turn on the light Far too often, yet doesn’t feel right Turn on the TV, its the same routine The haze in my mind makes it all feel like a dream My phone begins to ring, your name staring at me Instantly I’m smiling and leaving behind the insanity My world gets brighter when I know you… Continue Reading

Man I Love

I woke up this morning with you by my side Inside your arms I wanted to hide Its there I feel so safe and warm Its there I feel no one can do me harm I turn to you and what I see Is the man I love, who is everything to me He makes me laugh and makes me smile Brings me happiness like a little child I kiss his cheek and hug him… Continue Reading