Closing the Door

The last bag is packed, the boxes all taped Every thought about every mistake I look around the cold and empty room No longer home, the bride leaving the groom There’s suddenly no air, my lungs, I can’t breathe My legs begin to tremor so I can not leave The desyncappated beat of whats left of my heart The pieces of my life scattered, all broken apart Close the door, drive away, all the tears… Continue Reading

What Can Cure the Blackest Soul?

Just when I thought that I felt as miserable as I could feel, yesterday came and made me feel a million times worse. I crumbled to pieces as I sat there and listened to misrepresentation galore and a collection of preposterous self-made theories being passed off as truths poured out like Kool-Aid into a child’s glass on a hot summer day. To add insult to injury, past behaviors that I had tried so very hard… Continue Reading

So Stupid

I was so stupid, how didn’t I see You were only there to continue to break me Fooling me with your words, playing all the right games Gaining control of my heart, then tearing it up and calling me names Making me believe that you truly cared Holding me and comforting me when I was so scared It was never real, it was all just a scheme But I was too blinded by the charm… Continue Reading

Where I’ve Been…. You sure you want to know?

Having bipolar sucks.  Thats all I have to say.  No matter how much you try to pretend it isn’t there because you are taking your meds and doing all you can to maintain stability.  There is always something that creeps up and literally beats you over the head and rips out your insides to the point it makes you crazy. So, right now, here I am, completely ripped to shreds.  I thought I was rebuilding… Continue Reading