The Day I Wanted A Dog Castle For Prince

I almost forgot about this, until this morning.  I woke up with ideas flooding my brain and after watching The Black Swan, I went back to my never gets old regret that I never continued ballet.  So, I text my cousin (she works overnights at the air force base, so I knew she was up) who has done ballet and ask her about how to buy a pointe shoe. (yup, those ones with the wood… Continue Reading

Where’s the lowest low on the bipolar coaster?

Wouldn’t all of us with bipolar like to know the answer to THAT!! The problem is, the joke’s on US! There IS NO ANSWER to that question! What do I mean there’s no answer? Well, we first have to start off with a few facts. Bipolar has varying severities  (i.e. BP I, BP II, etc.) The HIGHS experienced in bipolar are either: full blown mania in Bipolar I (the most extreme because it can cause… Continue Reading

Sometimes traditional therapy just doesn’t cut it!

Lets face it.  Having bipolar disorder can give us some symptoms that are really, really hard to control, like trouble with our spending habits.  Not all of us face it, but a lot do.  Some call it spending sprees, others refer to it as retail therapy.  Whatever your pleasure, its still the same.  Mine used to be going on my lunch break and walking around the stores, gathering all the things that I thought I… Continue Reading

Good v. Bad

There are the days when everything comes so easy. You flip off the covers and jump out of bed and tackle the day. Then there are the days when things are not so easy. You need to literally be dragged out of bed and have no ambition or desire to do anything, ever. Those are the days to watch out for. Those are the days to be afraid of.  Those are the days that make… Continue Reading