From Witty………to Shitty…….

another unpublished post I dug up from the archives (this cleaning stuff has really benefited in more ways than one): Yes folks. I have gone from coming up with endless amounts of witty comments and diatribes, to thinking nothing but shitty things. What could cause such a drastic turn in one’s brain you ask?! Well, the other part of being bipolar is a depressive state. I’m not just a roller coaster of manic and then… Continue Reading

Story of My Life……

Yes. This is the story of my life, and I’m not being specific to men in my life. Friends, family, anyone that I care about. That seems to be my problem. I give everything, too much in fact. I give so much that I lose track and sight of myself and who I am. Then I feel constantly let down when I need someone to be there, and no one is there. I can’t expect… Continue Reading

Picking Up The Pieces

Hate the me that’s there every day The imperfect, insecure, unhappy girl that fucks up in every way Every step, every word misconstrued Trying to help everyone, giving herself,yet negatively viewed She broke down to nothing and began to put all the right things in place But then with one slip fell flat on her face Beginning again, but empty, lonely, and numb inside So misunderstood, wanting to do nothing but hide. Trying to grasp… Continue Reading

Musings at the bus stop

Sitting on the bench at the bus stop, cold and alone, watching everyone in their cars racing, my hair whipping in their wind, reminds me of my life now. Everyone’s life keeps on moving and I’m stuck right there, waiting for that one to stop and lend a hand. I try to yell for help, but the windows are up, radios on, and they are focused on where they need to be. Someone stopped, but… Continue Reading