What Can Cure the Blackest Soul?

Just when I thought that I felt as miserable as I could feel, yesterday came and made me feel a million times worse. I crumbled to pieces as I sat there and listened to misrepresentation galore and a collection of preposterous self-made theories being passed off as truths poured out like Kool-Aid into a child’s glass on a hot summer day. To add insult to injury, past behaviors that I had tried so very hard… Continue Reading

I used to….

I used to have a home.  An almost 4,000 sq ft home, right on the Chicago River with a bedroom that looked out onto the river. I used to have a home that was considered mine, that I cleaned, I decorated, and lived in for about 6 years.  I used to have a husband.  I used to have a husband that at one time was charming, sweet, and I had many good times and memories… Continue Reading