A blast from the past…

Another trip through the Bipolar Hot Mess Archives….. So, I have been going through journals and re-reading poems that I have written, trying to piece back together what happened and what I was feeling prior to and while I was in therapy. Sometimes, it seems such a blur, and sometimes it seems clear as day. Sometimes, I can’t even remember anything at all. I found this entry in a random notebook: I came to a… Continue Reading

Possessions. What do they really mean?

As I have been going through my closet lately and pulling out the things that I am selling to help supplement my income, I have found out a lot about my views on possessions.  Many say that possessions are just that and nothing more.  To me, my possessions are not just things, but memories.  Each article of clothing has a story behind it, whether it was an event I wore it to, or where I… Continue Reading

The Ghosts of Christmas Past….er….just the Past..

The worst part about having bipolar is the huge gaps in my memory.  I can’t figure out if I purposely blocked them out, or if they are results of manic episodes that I just wasn’t aware I was having at the time because I had no idea what bipolar even was.   Every now and then I get a visit from the “Ghost of the Past.”   A nice little visit that brings a lovely… Continue Reading