Dear Mr. Itstime Tomoveon,

Dear Mr. Itstime Tomoveon, I regret to inform you that it really is not a good idea to call someone 10 years after they have broken up with you to ask if they are still mad at you; especially when upon said break up, you stalked them for months and months and made their life so incredibly unpleasant they moved miles away without a forwarding address to get some peace. To be quite honest, I’m… Continue Reading

Didn’t Give Up Living

What did I do wrong? What did I do right? Why did you go and leave me without a fight? We ask all these questions, consuming our brain Our own rabid answers drive us insane We all make mistakes, we all hit the ground But we can’t give up living every time we fall down The voice in our mind that tells us “give in” Is weaker than our own strength from within Why don’t… Continue Reading

Oh What A NITE!

Yes ladies and gents, what a nite it was.  My bestie,, is now officially married!!!!!!  What a wedding it was.  Absolutely beautiful in many ways.  For me, it was most beautiful for me to see her smile with the sparkle in her eyes.  I have known her for about 7 years now, and I haven’t seen that sparkle in her eyes since, well,  I can’t even remember when.  That’s what made it so beautiful to… Continue Reading