Every Night I Am Afraid

Yes. I am afraid. It’s bedtime and I’m terrified. This is the time I always become the most afraid. I lay in bed while I begin to panic and cry because I am afraid that he is going to forget me. That he is going to forget how much he loves me, forget what it feels like to love me, forget what it looks like to love me, forget what I look like, forget how much… Continue Reading

Lost My Soul

My heart is bleeding into my soul Look what you did! YOU made that hole You never look at me, always look past I’m not invisible, yet I always come last I am alone everyday, even when you are near My soul aching so badly, it has one huge tear Do you even know me?  Does that matter to you? Do my feeling even count? Do you know what you do? My rumpled body, the… Continue Reading

Time Goes On

Full of sorrow The days drag on Full of lonliness The months go by Full of tears The years drift away Full of rage The decades fly Full of hurt The centuries die Full of happiness Those seconds are gone Full of laughter Those minutes have left Full of pain My life is now done. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2013  Related posts: Untitled 3 Closing the Door Falling Deeper Lost My Soul Empty Soul