Trying To Be Everything

I’m tired. Tired of what you ask. Tired of trying to be everything to everyone. Tired of trying to do everything for everyone and tired of acting like I can do everything for everyone. I’m tired of everyone expecting me to do everything for them and getting upset and making snide comments about me when I can’t do everything. PEOPLE. There are only 24 hours in a single day. I have BIPOLAR for gods sake,… Continue Reading

*sigh* despite our best efforts….

There comes a time when despite our best efforts, best judgment, and best intentions, that we just have to say enough, I give up. A time that you finally come to the realization that all those efforts didn’t really mean a thing because they were taken for granted because they had suddenly become the standard and were now expected. Those intentions no longer mattered because if it wasn’t the absolute correct intention or did not… Continue Reading