Better from here

  I opened the door of the empty home The silence echos, another night alone Walk up the stairs, turn on the light Far too often, yet doesn’t feel right Turn on the TV, its the same routine The haze in my mind makes it all feel like a dream My phone begins to ring, your name staring at me Instantly I’m smiling and leaving behind the insanity My world gets brighter when I know… Continue Reading

Dear Baby….

Dear Baby, I’m writing this to you To tell you all the things I feel And  at times forget to do My sweetheart, you take my breath away Your kindness, and your honesty I fall in love some more each day. My teacher, you are guiding me to grow When all I had were big dark clouds You showed me my rainbow My lover, you taught me to believe That not all are broken and… Continue Reading

Why Couldn’t You Listen?

We were alone You tried I said stop Yet you persisted I said no Yet you kept pressuring You finally stopped pressuring But then started doing I said stop You didn’t care You kept going I said no. “What did I do?” you respond “Kiss me once, please” I still refused “Won’t you just kiss me?” I still said no. You pinned me down You wouldn’t let me go I tried to push you But… Continue Reading


Softly dropped, the words we hear Around the grapevine of yesteryear Secrets told without a thought Words that we have not forgot No regard for wrong or right False or true, words hold us tight Blinding us ’til we can’t see Blurring our reality Spoken poisons change our minds Leaving common sense behind Malice makes our heart grow weak From the day when we first speak Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2017  Related posts: How do you rise after the… Continue Reading

Without You

A day without you is like sitting in the rain Drenched and heavy, feeling so cold each drop causing pain A day without you makes me so empty inside So hollow, so worthless,  its like a part of me has died When we are together, I feel like I’m whole and complete All the happiness that was missing came back in a sweep You make me laugh and I’m a better version of me When… Continue Reading


The tears roll down I do not make a sound My heart is breaking My head is aching All the questions in my mind Every mistake that I find Spin around and torment Linger and haunt me every moment Where do I go from here? When will I stop crying these tears? I’ve lost my direction and don’t know my way Every day I wake up hoping today will be the day What am I… Continue Reading

Lost Love

Everything was fine, when I met you 6 months ago We were happy and in love, we let our feelings show. But then I left for school, and things got out of hand The laughing started to dwindle and was replaced with demands I became so crabby and always so irate It wasn’t you that caused me to look in the mirror and hate Then my eating diminished and my weight started to drop I… Continue Reading

The Reality Check

I can’t rewind the days gone by Half the things, I can’t explain why. the things I said, the things I did. All a mess within my head. I hate the person that did those things. Where is the girl with all the dreams? Hide and go seek with real me. Trying to break the good Christi free. I thought I was making a little success. But after all I was left with a mess.… Continue Reading

Feelings on an internet server rather than inside of me

I recently submitted a few poems to be considered for a blog that was being written about using the arts in mental health therapy and the positive effects it can have.  I think its safe to say that I do use the arts often whether its writing poems, writing blogs, using pastels or paints, or through music or dance.  It definitely has had a positive impact in replacing some negative behaviors I used to revert… Continue Reading

Party Girl

I went to a party What did I see? This one lonely girl Staring back at me. Her shoes were clean Not one speck of dirt She had boot cut jeans And a nice preppy shirt I looked at her hair As it surrounded her face She looked up and smiled quickly Then hung her head in disgrace. Why was she alone? I didn’t understand When all of a sudden Someone grabbed my hand “Don’t… Continue Reading