The Day I Wanted A Dog Castle For Prince

I almost forgot about this, until this morning.  I woke up with ideas flooding my brain and after watching The Black Swan, I went back to my never gets old regret that I never continued ballet.  So, I text my cousin (she works overnights at the air force base, so I knew she was up) who has done ballet and ask her about how to buy a pointe shoe. (yup, those ones with the wood… Continue Reading

That Prince

In my house I patiently await For the day my prince will come through the gate Sitting in a world so small Wondering if he’ll come at all Then one day I gave up hope you see For no prince could ever want me. Then, I opened my eyes and there he stood He said “I want you to be mine” I replied “You would?” For what would a prince want with plain old me… Continue Reading