Another Chapter of Public Transit Woes……

Oh boy. So, as these events were taking place, I had the blog all written out in my head. But, then…..there was an unpredictable turn of events. One that I did not see coming (as I was sitting behind the event and could not see people faces or expressions) So…. this little tale may be a bit rocky just because I am a little shocked and surprised at the results but yet, makes this story… Continue Reading

Public Transit Etiquette

After many years of taking the CTA (public transit) in Chicago, I am getting completely disgusted! The rudeness, the inconsiderate ways and mannerisms, and countless other complaints of the other passengers is making the glitter slowly combust inside of me. Since my daily commute requires me to take one bus to one ┬átrain each way (minimum) I have developed my own wish list of “Bipolar Hot Mess CTA Rider Etiquette,” that I established after almost… Continue Reading