Another Untitled Poem

You’re in my heart, you’re in my dreams Not a moment is without you in my mind, it seems You make me laugh, you make me warm You make me smile through my emotional storms I’ve opened my heart, I’ve opened my soul Given you all I have, I hope you know You’ve turned my days from black to gold All of my secrets have begun to unfold But this part of my heart and voice… Continue Reading

Where Did I Lose Your Love? My Last Letter To You

Or maybe the better question is When? Dear Ex…wait,  you aren’t very dear, so how about To The Ex, I’ve been there for you in the good times and the bad.  I tried to be the best ME that I could be.  When I discovered people trying to hurt you, I told you, yet you always found a way to make me the bad one. I still sucked it up.  I let it happen time… Continue Reading

Better from here

  I opened the door of the empty home The silence echos, another night alone Walk up the stairs, turn on the light Far too often, yet doesn’t feel right Turn on the TV, its the same routine The haze in my mind makes it all feel like a dream My phone begins to ring, your name staring at me Instantly I’m smiling and leaving behind the insanity My world gets brighter when I know… Continue Reading

A World Outside of You

You walk along with your head so high And runaway when you see me cry You can’t see anything outside of you Because in your world, #1 only walks in your shoes There’s a whole world just open your eyes People in your life are hurting, thats no surprise Get out of your head, this isn’t a dream Everyone around you is breaking, hear them scream? No you don’t hear the screams, do you want… Continue Reading

Everything you need

Into my life you appeared from out of the blue You were there for me when I didn’t know what to do I was lost and spinning into the ground Sweeping me up, suddenly I’m found. Bringing me smiles and the spark in my eye Wiping the ever flowing tears that I cry Opening my heart to a feeling so new A friend by my side that I fell in love with too. All I… Continue Reading

Without You

A day without you is like sitting in the rain Drenched and heavy, feeling so cold each drop causing pain A day without you makes me so empty inside So hollow, so worthless,  its like a part of me has died When we are together, I feel like I’m whole and complete All the happiness that was missing came back in a sweep You make me laugh and I’m a better version of me When… Continue Reading

The Anger, the pain, why is this happening all over again?

Because you are a stupid girl. You never learn. You were hurt. It hurt so bad that you never thought you would recover.  But you did.  You not only recovered, but you fell in love again. Stupid you. Giving your heart up so fast. Stupid you.  Thinking someone understood you.  Stupid you. Believing when they said they would not give up on you.  Fool. Yes. You.  You are the fool.  You believed it. They were… Continue Reading

Disguise and lies????

Honestly.  Do I really think that changing my hair color is going to help me begin a new transformation? Probably not.  It’s more like I am putting on a disguise and lying to myself and everyone else that this Christi with a fresh new hair do is really as changed and transformed on the inside as she is on the outside.   Because the reality of it is this: I am always going to be… Continue Reading

Ahh yes. I forgot. I’m Really A Doormat!!!!

Ever feel like a doormat? Like everyone is trampling all over you, using you to wipe their wet shoes, stompin off the snow, and just when you think it can’t get any worse, someone comes wiping nasty shit all over you. Well, today is the day ladies (and gentlemen if this applies. I am not gender discriminate!) to declare what your doormat slogan is and to stick to it! No more: “Welcome!” or “Come on… Continue Reading

Living Wills and Living Won’ts

Another look back at the past and I touched upon this gem. Reviewing my daily calendar (who has been quite neglected and was left at July 9), it gave me an idea. The Bad Girls Rage A Day Daily Calendar summarized their living wills in today’s calendar entry: I will tell you how your butt really looks in those, I will laugh loudly at your dorky jokes so people think you’re funny. Their living won’ts: I won’t… Continue Reading