AHHHH! It’s a compliment!! HIDE!!!

Does anyone else find it hard or uncomfortable when they receive a compliment?  Like, almost unreal or unbelievable that someone would think that of you?  I have found it increasingly hard to accept a compliment.  For many, many years I battled with low self-esteem and when I finally started to gain it back, I was surrounded by people who knocked me down.  When you are continually put down, it gradually wears on you and breaks… Continue Reading


I keep my paintbrush with me Wherever I may go In case I need to cover up So the real me doesn’t show I’m so afraid to show you me Afraid of what you’ll do That you might laugh or say mean things I’m afraid I might lose you. I’d like to remove all my paint coats To show you the real, true me, But I want you to try and understand I need you… Continue Reading

A Letter of Self-Love

I  found this on Psych Central in a column called Weightless.  I read this and it actually gave me the idea that I should be doing this too.  I much too often let the bad take over and then forget how much good there really is.  I think a lot of my moods going up and down could also be served positively by this as well.   The more we tell ourselves the good things about… Continue Reading

Party Girl

I went to a party What did I see? This one lonely girl Staring back at me. Her shoes were clean Not one speck of dirt She had boot cut jeans And a nice preppy shirt I looked at her hair As it surrounded her face She looked up and smiled quickly Then hung her head in disgrace. Why was she alone? I didn’t understand When all of a sudden Someone grabbed my hand “Don’t… Continue Reading

I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, And Gosh Darn It, People Like Me……orrrrr not???

For a good majority of my life, I walked around feeling completely and utterly inferior.  Somewhere along the line, I decided that I had to be perfect in order for my mom to love me. SOMETHING I HAD CREATED MYSELF IN MY OWN MIND and I carried that weight around with me for years and years.  While carrying that around, and trying to be perfect academically, I was trying to fit in socially.  The first… Continue Reading

Deep Thoughts by the Hot Mess

Why do we spend our days doing everything we can to get THAT ONE person to notice us when the rest of the world already does and we just don’t realize it or believe it? Why do we let ourselves believe that we are nothings because of that one person while the rest of the world thinks we are incredibly amazing somethings? ALWAYS ALWAYS let the ones you care about know that they are incredibly… Continue Reading

Me? An Inspiration?

Lately, I have been receiving emails, messages, and other comments from individuals telling me that I have inspired them, or others in various ways.  In good ways. I think it’s incredible and such a great, positive thing because I love helping others, and am quite flattered and in awe that my thoughts and opinions have been so useful.  Yet, it still doesn’t sink in to my brain how I could have possibly been an inspiration… Continue Reading

Back again….

Well, here I am. Back to the place that gave me comfort and solace the last time I felt alone. How lovely it is to have a place that is even better than a best friend. Why is this better? My blog can’t yell back at me! Sure, all of you who read it can, but not directly at me in person.  You can yell at the computer screen all you want, but that only… Continue Reading

I pledge…..

ANAD Pledge I will accept myself as I am. My uniqueness is a badge of honor, something to be proud of. There is no one in the world quite like me and I will strive to develop my special skills and abilities. I will accept others as they are. Each person is special and different. I will to try to learn from these differences rather than be critical of them. I will support diversity and… Continue Reading

Who came up with this shit…

I mean this was GENIUS!!! Do you realize how many people DAILY I wish I could give this too?!! All those girls in the club that wear spandex who CLEARLY should not. Oh my god… the list goes on. I need like a lifetime supply to hand out!!!!!!!!! UMMMMMM NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! SERIOUSLY AMERICA!!! US GIRLS ALREADY HAVE A CLEARLY DISTORTED VIEW OF BODY IMAGE, SO MUCH THAT WE STARVE OURSELVES, FORCE OURSELVES TO VOMIT, CUT OURSELVES… Continue Reading