Graduating From Therapy! *from the archives*

From the Hot Mess Archives! Yippie! I am FINALLY graduating on March 20! I am so glad and feel such a sense of accomplishment. However, I am still sad. My parents, bro and sis are going to be there, which is awesome, but there is one person that I want to be there, that isn’t. They have to work. Its disappointing because I want that person to share the excitement of how far I have… Continue Reading

Story of My Life……

Yes. This is the story of my life, and I’m not being specific to men in my life. Friends, family, anyone that I care about. That seems to be my problem. I give everything, too much in fact. I give so much that I lose track and sight of myself and who I am. Then I feel constantly let down when I need someone to be there, and no one is there. I can’t expect… Continue Reading