The Best Text Messaging I’ve Had Recently…….

was today.  I am trying to edit a video for one of the websites I write for.  Since I have NO IDEA (I know, imagine that, Bipolar Hot Mess doesn’t know how to do something), I naturally ask someone younger than me figuring they have more experience.  This is how the conversation went (and I don’t think I need to delve further into why I love this convo so much)

Hot Mess.: I am trying to finish my video and I need to do the beginning and end….

Friend: U should have like a really epic begining!!!!!!

Hot Mess:  I don’t know how!!!!!! hahaha

Friend: Like double rainbows and kittens and unicorns and explosions!!!

Hot Mess:  Hahahahaha!! I love it! Lots of glitter sparkles!!! I should just have Rainbow Brite!

Friend:  Hellllllsss Yea and and annnnnnnnnnddddddd


Friend: Buddy the Elf .  for some odd reason.

Hot Mess: He can be the ending

Friend:  Yeaaaaa!!!!

Hot Mess  Well now that thats settled……..



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