The Bipolar Hot Mess 2013 NAMI Walks Team – Chicago style!


This year I have created a team for the Bipolar Hot Mess website to do the NAMI Walks in Chicago. If you are in Chicago and would like to join the team, it is Sept 21 at Grant Park. If you would like to support the Bipolar Hot Mess and her incredibly awesome team (already 1 member from the site!) and donate a TAX DEDUCTIBLE amount to our team that goes to NAMI (not me or my site) for all of their incredible work and efforts to provide services for those with mental illnesses (more services than I could ever provide on just my little website/blog) then here is my BIPOLAR HOT MESS 2013 TEAM NAMI WALK PAGE!!!

You can join the team by the click of a button or just donate by a click of the button.

Hell, even Prince is doing it again! And so are my parents! 🙂 If lil 4.5lb Prince can sport his lil shirt and walk his lil legs to help his Mommy help an organization that helps people like her, then I think we all can do just a little something!!!! ♥ u all!!!!!!


♥ the hot mess herself, christi




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