The Bipolar Hot Mess Favorite Things Post for Tues May 7

They say that when times are stressful, meditating can help.  Well, to be quite honest, I don’t know that I have the patience to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time, let alone be able to sit and meditate.   UNTIL I found this book.   Another one of the Bipolar Hot Mess  Favorite Things.  The book Peace of Mind is a book that has a page for everyday with a quote to reflect on and then they provide something for you to think about for a few minutes that relates to the quote.  The whole process probably takes less than 5 minutes, but I have found the topics discussed to be surprisingly in tune with my life.

For example, the day before my MRI, the quote was ” Rest is not a matter of doing absolutely nothing.  Rest is repair.” – Daniel W. Josselyn.   How true that message was because everyone keeps telling me that I need to relax and rest because I am running myself thin. I continually say that I can’t rest because my brain is always running and there is always something to be done.  Even though I’m on disability and not going to an office or participating in Corporate America Monday through Friday, I am still running this page and contributing to other pages, and trying to resolve conflicts with friends and keep my support system going and trying to discover new parts of myself.  The mind is constantly going.   When I found out that the results of my MRI showed a slipped disc and I was in so much pain I could barely leave the doctors office, my little sister pointed out to me that maybe NOW I would actually sit down and rest. I don’t know that it is possible…..then again, all work and no rest is how I ended up where I am now.

What did the book leave me with that day???

When the batteries wear down in a flashlight, the light becomes dim until it finally goes out.  Today, I’ll recharge my batteries through rest so I can shine brightly throughout the day and evening.

I guess that’s why I use so much glitter…. to shine brighter because I’m never fully rested????  Hmmmm…. Well, it’s very true.  You can’t shine bright with not fully charged batteries, the question that really remains for me is, how much rest does The Bipolar Hot Mess need to shine bright through night and day without the added glitter??    How about you?  How much rest do YOU need to shine to your fullest?

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