This person will be not just motivated, but MOTIVATIONAL, energetic, and patient.  They must be able to communicate well with others and be able to give step by step instructions if needed.  Should be punctual, but job may require long hours sometimes.  Must be able to keep calm in a crisis.  Knowledge of bipolar disorder is helpful. Also helpful if you possess computer skills.

So, why does The Bipolar Hot Mess need a personal assistant?  I mean, I receive disability and don’t have a job, so what could possibly make me so busy that I need help?  Well, its not that I am so busy that I need help, its that my life and myself are one big mess and laying all over in shambles.  Looking at all the pieces makes me feel even worse. So what do I do when something makes me feel bad?  I immediately shove it to the side and ignore it.  That is what I have done with my life.  I have set all of it aside and tried to forget about it all in hopes of getting better and starting fresh.


Bills have piled up, my room has become a good candidate for the show hoarders, my mind has a million ideas and a million projects started, but nothing followed through on, lists upon lists have been made and never completed, and so every day I wake up, look around, and start the day off feeling even more depressed and hopeless than ever.

SOooooo, as I was sitting in bed (trying to motivate myself yet again to venture out into the world I keep hiding from) I came up with the idea that I needed a personal assistant.  Someone who will force me out of bed at a certain time each day and walk me through putting the pieces of my life back together again.  Things have gotten so unmanageable that I can’t even wrap my brain around where to start.  So bring in an outsider who can stop enabling you and get you back to a more manageable place in your life and you can take off from there.  I don’t need a personal assistant forever, I just need help getting started.  Help me organize my room, help me organize the bills and help me prioritize, help me with applications, remind me to eat, etc.  Help me get into a routine so I can begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel and I can start focusing on my own.  Help me so I can start picking up my own pieces and move forward.

Has anyone else gotten themselves in such a hole that they have needed a personal assistant to help you step by step?  Thankfully, I have a few people that have been helping me (though I try to do most of it on my own because I’m a stubborn ass bitch who HATES asking for help to begin with) and I am forever grateful, but I think temporary personal assistants should be part of our therapy!

Just a thought.

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