The Bipolar Hot Mess Talks DBT Pt. 7

I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR THERAPIST! THIS VIDEO IS PURELY INFORMATIONAL IN NATURE AND NOT TO BE USED TO REPLACE YOUR DOCTORS ADVICE OR TREATMENT PLAN. I was sent the book DBT Made Simple by Sheri Van Dijk to read and review. We all know I don’t do anything the conventional way, so since this book was written for therapists to give them an overview of DBT and Mindfulness and how to introduce and use DBT in their practice, I decided to play therapist and as I go through the book, teach YOU guys DBT and see if the book is as “simple” as it claims. This video is an intro to DBT and the differences between DBT and CBT and some other intro info. Follow along and lets see if DBT works for you too! 🙂

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