The Broken Stick and Guerilla Glue?!!!

When things come to an end, not everything has a happy ending like a fairytale.  I mean, lets get real here.  When Cinderella landed the Prince, there were a bunch of girls out there that did not end up with fairytale endings!  BUT, that didn’t mean that their life ended.  Nope. That gave them the chance to pick up and move on to find that real fairytale.  An opportunity to find out how strong they really are and leave the heartbreak behind.

They always say that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  Well, I think that’s true because its actually just pure logic.

Lets take a stick for example.  If you break it, you try to tape it back together.  You use the stick again and its a little bit stronger, but still breaks.  This time, you use duct tape.  Again you use it and its a lot stronger, but yet it still breaks. Not yet ready to give up, you put several layers of duct tape.  Its 100 times stronger, but yet still is broken.  You try super glue and guerilla glue  AND THEN add the layers of duct tape.  The stick is now 1,000 times stronger than before and barely budges when trying to be broken.  Each time that stick broke, we added more layers of reinforcement to make it stronger and that’s exactly what we do with our hearts and our souls!  It’s true.  What doesn’t kill us really does make us stronger because we heal from our wound and then add another layer for added strength and protection.

While I know that this whole ordeal is going to make me stronger, and that I’m going to survive and come back better than ever, it still is so hard to do.  No one said its going to be easy, but then again, no one said it was going to feel this bad either.  I’ve lived a life where I have always excelled at everything I tried and failure was not an option.  I never gave up until I succeeded.

This is one of those times where I have to understand that I may be knocked down, but this is NOT, I repeat, NOT, failure.

This is a time for regrouping, gathering all my wits and all my tools and all my positive attributes and letting myself shine INSTEAD of letting all of my fears and bad habits take over and those that want to  make me feel inferior win.  This is the time to make myself the better version of me and get my bipolar disorder back to the stabilized place it was so I can soar to new heights and reach the heights I was meant to reach.  I’m pulling this BIPOLAR HOT MESS together!!!!

It’s true.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and Kelly Clarkson’s song “Stronger” is one of my favorite tunes these days providing me the fist-pumping inspiration I need!  So, here is the video.  Hope this makes you feel a little stronger too!!!!!


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