The Day I Wanted A Dog Castle For Prince

I almost forgot about this, until this morning.  I woke up with ideas flooding my brain and after watching The Black Swan, I went back to my never gets old regret that I never continued ballet.  So, I text my cousin (she works overnights at the air force base, so I knew she was up) who has done ballet and ask her about how to buy a pointe shoe. (yup, those ones with the wood in the toes so you can spin circles for hours and make your toes bleed…yea, those!)  Well, I told her that was one of my brilliant ideas in my hypomanic mood and tried to think of other brilliant ideas I had come up with from my hypomania.

The first one that came to mind was the time I went to Petsmart for some dog food and thought Prince needed some stairs so he could get up on the bed without me having to bend down and pick him up when he whimpered.  Well, I quickly remembered hwo he didn’t like those stairs from the store (I had them before and he didn’t use them) and thought I would need to find some sort of foot stool that he could jump up on and then use that to jump to the bed.  BUT THEN…… as I began my internet search, I came across this:

Prince’s Dream Dog Castle
HOLY CRAP!!! THIS WAS PERFECT!!   It wasn’t the stairs Prince was used to, he could hide inside like he like when he just wants to be left alone, but he could perch up top like he likes to when he has to sit on whatever pillow or blanket has created the highest mound on any sofa or bed!!!!  There was only ONE problem.
Yes.  That is Katie, sitting in Prince’s bed.  Sometimes she forgets that she is a little bit bigger than Prince.  Just a little bit (shhh… we don’t want to hurt her feelings).  So, there was going to be NO WAY that the perfect little dream house was going to work.  One test run by Katie and toast.  What to do, what to do………. A HA!!!!!  We get a bigger house and create a little castle!!!!!  Something for both of them!!!!!!  For heaven’s sake, there HAD to be a bigger version of that house or had to be something similar that would allow me to add a little ladder and bed up top right?!!!!! (On a budget of course, so this was a DIY kinda project, as most of mine are)
Well, I searched and searched and found awesome beds, and awesome houses, but none that would quite accomodate what I was looking for to keep both dogs satisfied.   So I continued to search.  For two weeks.   One was way too large, one would not be acceptable if B found it in the house (I didn’t consider that fact that no matter WHAT house I decided to put INSIDE OUR house, he would find it unacceptable, but I had a clear image in my head of what I believed he would think is unacceptable in order to narrow down and locate the perfect bed/castle/house), one was not big enough, one was a horrible color……. so I decided that I would have to just build one myself!!!!!
I started looking at blueprints for building a dog house.  I figured I would craft a larger version of the one I loved so Katie could hang out below and Prince could hang out up top.    This is all occurring during the winding down of fall and start of winter so the weather is not really condusive to doing anything outdoors or in the garage.  But I paid no mind.  I figured I could just get the wood, buy some nails, get a little paint and on my way I would go.
So, searching and searching for the blueprints, and one day, I open up ebay and on the home page is the cutest Marc Jacobs purse!!!!!!!  So I click on it to inspect.   I keep clicking, and clicking and clicking……..and now……… suddenly, I NEEEED a new purse.  MUST HAVE NEW PURSE………
And that was the end of trying to build the dream castle for my doggies.    Just like that.  2 weeks of intense research and obsession, GONE!!!!  IN AN INSTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Welcome to hypomania……….
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