The Fall

There once was a girl who had it all
But when she had it all, thought she had nothing
Time passed on and older she grew
She met a man and in love with him became something
Then months went by and something changed
Everything inside the girl gradually went awry
Old habits came back and weight she lost
But all that weigh came with a cost
She became depressed, but no idea why
Because she had a great job, her dream car, a great house and that guy
The depression began to go away
And all of a sudden her moods would sway
Happy one minute, sad the next
Up and down so quickly, she was afraid of what would come next
She began to losse focus, her motivation and drive
Became indiffrent and didn’t want to strive
She’d party and party all day and all night
Then cry and cry at the office out of sight
Why did she cry, she didn’t even know
But the ups and downs in her work began to show
She’d party all night then start cutting her way
Hoping that all her feelings would just go away
Then one night the down feel so deep
But she thought she’d feel better with just a little sleep
When she awoke she just wanted to die
To end it all, to say goodbye
She got in her car, to the hospital she went
She had no other choice, but thats where she was sent
Up to the psych ward, even after much protest
It was the only way out of this mess

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