The Forest

Walking in the forest
Leaves are crunching under my feet
Thye sun shines brightly
I’m engulfed in the heat
I keep on walking
And see a rabbit
I turn and run
It’s just a habit
I’m running so fast
The trees just a blur
What was I running from
I’m really not sure
the sky turned gray
I continued to run
far, far away.
The raindrops fell
The dirt turned to mud
Tripping on a stick
I fell with a thud.
I scrambled to my feet
And Continued to run
Hoping and longing
For a glimpse of the sun
The fear enveloped me
I soon began to cry
Feelings of hoplesness
Wanting to die
I’m running so fast
Yet its still is too slow
I’m swallowed
Don’t know where to go
The trees suck me in
I’m never coming out
I’m dying now
Without a doubt

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