Little Girl with Fairytale Dreams


Girls, do you remember when you were little, (and by little I mean toddler to grade school and maybe even later, who knows…) and you would have all your daydreams and fantasies that you would act out with your barbies.  Some you might even act out yourself and play dress up.

 In those fantasies you were this beautiful princess with this beautiful fluffy and elegant white dress and you were getting married to the most handsome man ever,  almost a replica of Prince Charming or Malibu Ken (depending on your preference). You were smiling from ear to ear and running in circles giggling and laughing and you thought that this is what falling in love is, this is what growing up is like and how it’s going to happen to me!!!!!!!!!!!! *swooning around the room tossing glitter everywhere*

Then you move on to the magical “perfect time later” where you and said handsome prince are walking together pushing a baby stroller off to the park. Both smiling as the baby is napping and not making a sound. The sun is shining and nothing can go wrong. The birds are chirping and you are carrying the most amazing Louis Vuitton Diaper Bag and all is perfect in the perfect little park, in perfect little suburbia, with Perfect Princess You and Perfect Prince, and Perfect little baby in your perfect little fantasy that you just knew would come true, because Walt Disney let you believe it would, and it was ingrained so deeply into your mind that it was almost reality to you at that point. *Siiiiiiiiiggghhhhh*

And then the unthinkable happened.

We grew up. 

And that was just the beginning.


Why were we never told that THAT is not reality!!! (I mean, BEFORE we had pretty much carved every detail of those daydreams and fantasies into our brains which were now trained to think THAT was reality?) Why did Walt keep showing us these pretty, pretty, princess movies and fairy tales  with such beautiful and perfect endings and NOT ONCE having a disclaimer stating that this is not the norm and most of us are going to end up with lives that resemble that of the wicked stepmother or evil queen. That there is no Prince Charming waiting in the wings to rescue us when we need him.  If a curse is bestowed upon us and we are put into a slumber, there won’t be one magical person’s kiss to awaken us. Ok, so, it’s not like any type of spell or curse is going to be put on us that we would need that, but, you never know!!

But seriously, what are the odds that we would find a guy that really will sit there and hold us while we cry about our misfortunes and insecurities and then make them all better. Those odds are not very good in this day and age ladies.

Why on Earth am I writing about princesses and our childhood fantasies? Well, I’ve been having these dreams lately that are exactly like my childhood fantasies. Fairytale weddings, children, beautiful houses in perfect suburbia, and this morning, instead of feeling bad because my days just keep feeling worse because I do not even have one morsel of anything that resembles anything that could even LEAD to something from one of those dreams, TODAY, I woke up and laughed and thought…. SERIOUSLY???!!! Do I  seriously think that this is real and happens to ANYONE???? Not just that, but:


Tears streaming down my face because I am laughing so hard that because I was in such a deep bipolar depression, I had actually convinced myself that I was sad because as a grown adult, at 28 years old, I was not living a life that Walt Disney showed I could.  Not even that “I would” either, but “I could” in some magical dreamland. NOT EVEN REALITY!

So, I guess all I can do today is dream of me in a very pretty dress and I will dance around my office pretending that I am going to have the happiest day of my life today.



never too old for a disney movie

UPDATE: 5 years later…. I just reread this post, at age 33 and this was my reaction.

WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING that fairytale endings EVER occur, let alone ever existed??!!  They don’t!  Fairytale endings, dreams come true, childhood fantasies coming alive???  Give me a break!  The only dreams that are coming true these days are my nightmares!!!!  But, hopefully the nightmares I live through will make me a better person.  Cripes, I don’t know that they could make me feel any worse, thats for sure!!!!!!

My children will not get fairytales or encouraging of dreams and fantasies.  They will be apprised to reality only.  Giving them false hope in these dreams and fantasies just sets them up for failure and broken hearts.  I never want my child to experience what I have.  This type of pain is something I would not wish on anyone!

Where was this stuff in the Disney movies??!!! HUH WALT?!!! HUH?!

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