Bipolar Hot Mess Anger Management

There comes a time when you have to realize that certain people that cross your path are just idiots. They will do things like piss on you and try to tell you its raining. So, here is a lesson in Hot Mess Anger Management. When you finally realize that they are complete idiots and you probably should just write them off, instead of writing them off you… you write them on…. THE IDIOT LIST….

The Idiot List

  • The idiot roommates who steal your clothes!
  • The punks that are around when the tab is on you and suddenly vanish when it’s their turn to pay!
  • The sneak that will throw you in front of a bus and then in the same breath say “Don’t let this ruin our friendship. We are still friends”
  • Anyone who uses the phrase “__(insert your name here)___ CAN’T STAY”
  • Cities and Villages that employ police officers that have nothing else better to do than to to harass me for my stupid license plate that fell off and is sitting in my dashboard because I am trying to figure a way to remount it because the bracket is fuckin broken. GO find murderers and rapists instead of writing me tickets for a darn license plate!
  • The lazy douche who thinks has the job for the title and doesn’t want to do crap but sleep on the cot!
  • One Word- Spitzer!
  • The hater that spills boiling water on you and growls at you when you say hello.
  • That one brown noser that has to talk and talk and talk at every meeting, basically running the meeting, but has nothing important to say; you just want to take your half eaten sandwich and chuck it across the table at them so they will shut up and the drawn out meeting will finally come to an end!
  • Ex-spouses

Do you have someone you would like to add to the Idiot list?  Yes, it may seem juvenile, but to me it actually helps with my anger and frustration.  Instead of griping and complaining for days, or moaning and whining, I just write it on the list and feel better immediately.

Now, this list is not inclusive.  I can’t spoil EVERYTHING! 😉

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