The Price of a Small Town……….

I was born in a small town.  A small suburb just outside of Chicago.  A town where everyone goes to school with the same kids from kindergarten all the way through high school.  A town where everyone knows everyone, knows their business, knows their secrets, and can’t tell if anything is fact or fiction.

Therein the problem lies.  LIES.  No one can tell if anything is fact or fiction, so instead of trying to find out the truth, they continue to believe and pass on whatever they think fits the best for their use or purposes.  No one believes that people can change and have changed.  No one stops to think that the words they say could be actually be fiction and could be hurting the subject of the story and their life.  The only thing that is important is that the story fits their own preconceived notions and by believing and using those stories, they can gain.  What do they gain?  Who knows.  It could be something as simple as a severed friendship that they were jealous of.  Could be that they were trying to win over the subject and by telling the stories, they eliminate competition.

I wish I knew why these stories continued and would be attached to each subject like a scarlet letter that never, ever got erased.  People grow up and learn from their mistakes.  Just because someone did something in the past, does not mean that they are still guilty of doing those same things now.  But those stories will stay with them like flies on shit, leaving the subject to battle a town of closed minded individuals to obtain some sembelance of sanity that can never be achieved because the stories never die.

The rumor mill is an awful, dreadful thing to have, but unfortunately there is one in every town.  Trying to burn it down is like trying to set fire to a building made of fireproof materials.  You can use a match, a lighter, a blowtorch,  or a bomb and not even a single black soot mark will be left on that mill.  Its time for us to grow up and realize that we are all adults now and the games and tales that were told out of boredom or in basements during a birthday party, or bedrooms during after school play dates are old and as stale and outdated as the fashion trends of that time.

Lets grow up people and recognize that we are adults and start acting like it.  Lets put all those fables to rest.  Lets burn that mill to the ground.  Lets open our minds and our eyes to reality and see that as time goes on, people change and what was circling around back when we had to be inside before the street lights came on might be a work of fiction so preposterous that it could be mistaken for Alice and Wonderland.

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