The Protector

Siblings.  Gosh don’t we hate them when we are growing up.  They always steal our spotlight, they always pick on us, tattle on us, play jokes on us, and just plain annoy us.  But, as we get older, those relationships change.  We become different people and morph into our adult selves.  Growing up, brothers always tend to act as the protectors, but then as adults, the protector role changes.  I have two siblings.  One is 2 years younger than me and the other is 10 years younger.  When the sibling 2 years younger was little, I was the protector.  I had be to be “Big Sister.”  As we got into high school and college, the roles reversed.  We always looked out for each other because the youngest one always had our parents looking out for them.

Now, here we are as adults.  Our lives have taken us all in seperate paths.  I live in the city, the other in the burbs, and the youngest is getting ready to go off to college.  Our whole lives I feel like my siblings had to live in my shadow; in order to be recognized, they would have to exceed what I had done (so guys, that means, get in bigger trouble in Disney World than just shoplifting! jk!!).  Whatever I had done would set the path and course for them.  My parents didn’t seem to handle deviation well from one sibling, but the youngest sibling was sooooo much of a deviation, they had their own category!  For all the times the one sibling had been my protector and had watched over me, for all the years that they sat in my shadow, never complaining, just doing what they thought was right, it is now my turn to be the protector.  It is their turn to shine, for there is no more barrier.  It is their turn to be free and not feel the weight on their shoulders of watching over anyone.  Its my turn now.  I am the oldest.  I’ve had my time.  Now its yours.  Take the weight off your shoulders, I will carry it now.  I’m not that same little damaged girl I was.  I’m stronger now.  Look where I have been.  I’m stronger and wiser.  I can handle the job.

Free yourself.  You are the only one that hasn’t had the chance.  Shine! Don’t stand in my shadow anymore!  Come to me and I will protect you.  Its my turn now.

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