It’s The Simple Things…….

Today I sat for about a half hour and watched an old man put the tarp cover on his boat. He was by himself. Maybe in his 60’s. That got me thinking. I started to think about where I might be when I’m that old. I hoped that I was just as happy as he appeared to be. Although he was alone, he appeared to be so happy and content. Things seemed so simple for him. Things used to be so simple for me too. Then I had to go and get sick and everything changed.

As we took the boat for a sunset cruise, I watched the water and just wanted to jump out and jump into it. I don’t know why. It just looked so open and so freeing and so carefree and worry free. it seemed to simple. I want things to be simple. What happened to having a quiet dinner and taking a romantic walk. what happened to having the time to just sit on the balcony or sit in a park and read a book? What happened to not being on the go. What happened to just slowing things down a bit, not running at 240 mph, all the time to the point of exhaustion. Each day that I wake up is a blessing. There was a time in the not so distance past that I didn’t want to wake up anymore. That I wished my world would end. Today, I thank god for every day that I am alive. I want to do new things, try new things and take things a little bit slower. I don’t want to spend my days chasing after someone else and doing the things that everyone else wants to do.

I want to take a walk. I want to sit on the rocks by the lake with my feet dangling and just watching the sunset. I want to take a walk through a museum. I want to read new books. I want to try new restaurants. And, I don’t care if I do them alone either. Because for once in my life I am happy with myself. I am happy with who I am, who I am becoming, and who I will be and would rather be alone than around fake people who care about nothing but themselves. I want to enjoy the days I have free before I get my law degree and am a slave to my job.

Anyone want to join in on the simple life and the simple things? No drama! I’m tired of drama. Simplicity is what I strive for.



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