There You Stand

There you stand with your smile so bright
You and me together, its just so right
Its so sad, it’s time to go
After we just started to let our feelings show
Hold on sweetie, it will be OK
Before I go, I’d like to say
I’ve fallen for you like never before
You are my angel, the one I adore
You’ve given me everything, I gave you my heart
Hoping that we will never part
So as we say our goodbyes
Please be strong, baby don’t cry
Our path together has just begun
For in my heart, I know you’re the one
The one I see in my dreams every night
The one who keeps my dreams in sight
So as we leave remember this
My promises to you are sealed with a kiss.
I promise to call you and never forget
That waiting so long was our only regret
But as I look to the future, I begin to see
Visions of happiness between you and me
So please keep smiling, I’m here to stay
Forever in your arms, if you want it that way.

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