There’s A Moment…..

There’s a moment when you realize that you let the best thing in your life slip away from you.  When everything you had been dreaming about could have come true, but you chose to watch it drift by.  There’s a moment when you realize that you can’t go back and take that path again.  When you discover, then you wonder why you never realized it in the first place, but its too late.  you missed your chance.  You wonder if you can ever be happy again.  But to your surprise, you get a second chance.  But you panic.  You don’t think you deserve happiness, so you play it safe, what you thought you wanted, was not what you wanted at all, or needed at all.  There’s a moment when everything just clicks.  There’s a moment when you wish you hadn’t.  If you hadn’t, maybe it wouldn’t be slipping away before your eyes.

Someone once told me… GO HARD OR GO HOME.  Lesson learned.  Again.

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