There’s Gotta Be More To Life…..

There’s gotta be more to life than chasing out every temporary high… satisfy me……..

In the world today, are we ever satisfied? It seems that once we achieve or attain what we think will satisfy us, it doesn’t and we keep wanting more. So we keep going, telling ourselves that once we get this or that, we will be happy. Then comes and we say “oh when we do this we will be happy” or  “when this happens we will be happy,”  and we keep on going.  But do we ever sit down and enjoy what we just attained, or achieved, before we go on our quest for the next thing?????  Not really.  Will we spend our life searching for that next big thing and never slow down, or never be content? If we keep going like this, that certainly seems like what is going to happen.

I mean, we do only live one life, so we must take advantage of it!!!!  I think we can afford to stop once in a while and enjoy where we are at for the moment. Enjoy what we ALREADY have. Enjoy who we ALREADY have. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that are making us happy and we don’t even realize it until it’s no longer there. We spend so much time looking for the next better thing,we didn’t realize we already had a great thing right in front our faces!!

We all need to start looking at more things in a positive light, instead of focusing on the negative. Nobody and nothing is perfect. But sometimes its the little imperfections that we like.  We just need to slow down long enough to notice them.

I’m just babbling. Its late and i’ve spent so much time analyzing case law that now i’m analyzing every single little thing. Grrr…my brain is in overdrive and is not allowing me to sleep! Where is this brainpower when i need it during the day?! 🙂

Anyway….take the time to stop and enjoy whats around you for a while before you move onto the next big thing. And thats all i have to say about that.

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  1. Hmmm… As I was reading this, I was listening to K-LOVE on the radio, and they were talking about how we don't have to be perfect, because God's love is perfect, and He loves us-imperfections and all. I don't know if that means anything to you or not, but I just thought it was pretty interesting that I was hearing from two places at the exact same time that we don't have to be perfect. 🙂 Nice writing!