These are the days…

There are the days when everything comes so easy. You flip off the covers and jump out of bed and tackle the day. Then there are the days when things are not so easy. You need to literally be dragged out of bed and have no ambition or desire to do anything, ever. Those are the days to watch out for. Those are the days to be afraid of.  Those are the days that take hold of you so easily and refuse to let go.  The easy days don’t stick as well as they should, or we want them to, and are very easily pushed away by the bad.

Those bad days stick like leeches.  Only with the most extraordinary measures can we get out of their grasp and by the time we have executed every measure possible, our bodies and physically and mentally worn out, worn down so much that even if we wanted to attach ourselves to a good day, we don’t have the actual energy or strength to do so.

So, you do all you can to get your body stronger, to get your mind focused and absorbed on the good, and just as you have grasped onto a thread of a good day, or the hem of a good thought, the bad day is already tugging at your pant leg trying to suck you back in.

Do you get sucked back in?  Do you continue on to the good day?  Its all a matter of how strong you are.  Sometimes we can battle that tug on our pant leg and shake it off and stay strong.  But, if we are not strong enough when they come tugging, we can get sucked back in.

How can we possibly live like this???  By knowing how to keep ourselves strong, how to shake the bad days off when they first tug and not waiting til they have swallowed us whole, and by learning the warning signs and using our own personal toolbox  or arsenal of tools and weapons to continue with our good days and to kick away the bad as many times as possible.

Do you know the signs that your bad days are creeping?  Do you have a toolbox?  What’s in YOUR toolbox?

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