This Dream

I have this dream
And in it is you
The time is tomorrow
The memory is something new
In this dream
We were happy and content
Planning our dreams
Looking back at good times spent
The ways I have hurt you
Are just not there
Because in this dream
I was stronger, a better half of our pair.
I fell in a hole
and just kept on digging
trying to get out
but farther in kept on sinking
I took everyone down
And brought them along for the ride
Hoping that tomorrow
All my crazy madness would subside.
But it only got worse
It damaged everything I had
Trust, faith, love, and relationships
Fell apart as I went mad
So in this dream
People actually believed
That I was really truly sorry
And that all the madness was relieved
But that is just my dream
For I have crushed it all
And instead of getting help
I let myself tumble and fall
I feel absolutely ill
At the things I have done
The people I have hurt
What everything has now become.
I especially hurt
The one I love most and hold so dear
He is my everything
Losing him forever is what I fear.
My dream starts with tomorrow
With a fresh new day
and owning up to what I’ve done
But showing its not going to continue that way



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