To Boo and Ryan With Love From The Bipolar Hot Mess

Well, I’ve mentioned briefly how the Pocket Christi concept started.  You know, my friends would call me when they needed advice or help and then said they wished they “had a ‘Christi’ I could put in my pocket.  A Pocket Christi.”  Well, the first person to say that was Boo!  She was the creator of the Pocket Christi concept that quickly spread through my group of friends like wildfire, which then turned into The Bipolar Hot Mess.  And that is exactly what Boo is.  She is like wildfire.  Once you meet her, every aspect of you and your life is affected!  Her personality and genuine pure heart just catches you and instantly sends her positive attitude and energy through your veins!!!!  She is amazingly fun and supportive and everything a girl could want in a bestie!!!!  In so many ways, our lives were parallel and we both  got through the hurdles and landmines that were thrown at us together.  With advice from Pocket Christi for her and her bubbling energy and excitement for me, we made it out alive and better friends because of it all.  Which is why I am soooooo incredibly happy that she has found the love and happiness that she so freely gives to others, and has found the one missing piece that completes her.

Ryan – you have brought the spark back to Boo’s eyes, and a smile so genuine and full of life, that I can’t help but smile when I see you two also!!!!  While she doesn’t come to Pocket Christi/The Bipolar Hot Mess as often for advice anymore (that’s not always a bad thing!!!), she is still one of the best friends I have had for the last 8+ years.   I am so happy that you can bring her to life and light up her eyes the way that you do, and in a way that I haven’t seen in quite some time.  In the short time that I have known you, you have been an EXCELLENT Pocket Christi/Bipolar Hot Mess recruiter too!!!  AND, well, I may be a little bit biased because you go to the same law school that I did….BUT, that said…..

Boo, this site came about because of your concept, something that literally just came out of your mouth in an ordinary conversation, but the impact of that statement, has created this whole website, which led to it becoming the Bipolar Hot Mess and a little empire of it’s own! This website has helped encourage me to write more which led me to all my work at Ask A Bipolar, which has also created a happiness within me and filled a piece of me that was missing.  Because of you, I found that missing piece, and I am so happy that you have found your missing piece.  (And even happier that your missing piece has been supportive of MY missing piece! hahaha)

I congratulate the two of you on your engagement and wish you both a lifetime of complete happiness.  May my bestie Boo never lose that sparkle in her eye!!!!!!!!!!!  I luff you too!!!!!!  And you guys are the cutest EVER!!!!!!




first published – 7/2/11

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