Treating Others As You Want to Be Treated? I call bullshit!!!!

“Treat Others As You Would Want To Be Treated”

That seems to be the age old saying as you grow up.  You hear it from teachers, parents, aunts, uncles, and any other authority figure you can think of.  But if you really stop and take a look at things now a days, is that REALLY the way things are?  I mean, I try to always treat others the way I want to be treated, however, this concept only works if EVERYONE treats others the way they want to be treated. It’s a great theory, don’t get me wrong, but, I think that somewhere at some point down the line, something went awry.

Lets start with liars.

Now,  I may tell a fib here or there like, “I’ll be there in 10 minutes,” when really it might take like 20 minutes.  Or the occasional “Yes, I’ve looked and it’s not there,”  when really I haven’t looked at all.  But what I am talking about are the straight, flat out liars.  “No, I’m not seeing anyone else,” as they are mid text to some other girl.  “I love you,” when really, they are out and about, with some other girl saying the same thing.  If you are really supposed to be treating others as you want to be treated, would that be acceptable to them?  Would they appreciate you telling them “I love you” while out with someone else saying the same thing?  Probably not.

What about the people who say they don’t like two-faced people or people who talk behind their back, yet are always talking about EVERYONE and gossiping about everyone behind their backs?  What happens when they catch one of the people they gossip about gossiping about them *GASP*  Hell breaks loose.

Continuing With The Selfish

How about the individuals that put others needs in front of their own when others are in need of help but then when they need help, no one is there?  They deal with it because that is just how they are.  You also have those people who are in need of help, expect the help and get it, but do they help out the ones that helped them?  Most of the time not.

My dad always told me that there are the producers and the parasites in this world.  There are the people who will constantly be producing things, doing good things, being successful.  Then the parasites are the ones who are going to latch on and suck the life out of the producers because that’s what they do.

What if we all became parasites????   There would be nothing left because there would be no one producing anything.  Everyone would be so wrapped up in their own life and the easiest way to get it that it would become a free for all and every man for himself.  Yet, if anyone else treated them like a parasite, they would be appalled and declare injustice.

Why Have We Become This Way?

So why is it that we all have developed such a skewed interpretation of “Do unto others and you would want done to you?”  What happened to respecting others?  What happened to achieving success by working hard and not sabotaging everyone along the way?  When did everything and everyone become so manipulative and become a bunch of head games?

BECAUSE WE HAVE ALLOWED IT AND HAVE ALL BEGUN TO ACCEPT IT AND TOLERATE IT INSTEAD OF STANDING UP AND SAYING NO!!!!!  We have all begun to lose a little bit of respect for ourselves.

We need to NOT settle for being treated less than we treat others!

Lets promise ourselves that we will try a little harder to be the person we want to be treated like and treating others like the person we want to be treated like, instead of the every man/woman for themselves attitude. Almost like a “pay it forward” but “pay it now”

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