I knew you before, though so long ago
True feelings and intentions, we did not know
But here we are, reuinted once more
And when we kissed, I floated off the floor
You captured me with a mouth full of lies
You drew me in closer with the look in your eyes
I let myself be swept away
With every single word you’d say
I began to think I never knew certain parts of you
But now I wonder if any of that was true
Was it an illusion that captivated me?
A vision of you that I wanted to see?
I let my wall down, which I said I wouldn’t do
I knew I would get hurt but yet your eyes said to trust you.
Yet I sit here alone, every single night
Begging and pleading for a piece of insight
Everything that was just isn’t anymore
And with each no response, its like the slam of a door
Was everything a lie, what was real?
Why won’t you just tell me how you feel?
I see your picture, my stomach starts to dance
All of this, some twisted romance
A story of two who met too young
But crossed paths again, this time their song has been sung.
She’s just a girl, he’s just a guy
Confusion and wonder, she’ll continue to cry
Will they be united in the end?
She’s keeping that place in her heart for that friend.

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