We all had a “Jake Ryan”

Being sick sucks, but it gives you a great opportunity to watch those blast from the past movies. Like 16 Candles. I love those 80’s movies. I know most of us girls, or at least myself, were like Molly Ringwald in high school. There was that totally unattainable guy that dated only the most popular and prettiest girls, but that didn’t stop you from having an enormous crush on him!!! Do you remember who your “Jake Ryan” was??!! I sure do.
And its funny because if you think about it, do you know where that “Jake Ryan” is now? Has he become that stellar, spectacular person you imagined?! Or has someone taken their spot?! Funny how the qualities we look at when we are younger really don’t amount to a hill of beans when we are older. But back in the day, its funny how the small, simple things meant so much! ha ha.

80’s movies. They are funny to watch and compare to the teen movies today, thats for sure. School dances were dresses and puffy sleeves, and the electric slide. NOW.. its ass shakin, grinding in the tightest outfits you can find! Some of the girls in high school look older than me and dress better than me! Its CRAZY!

Anyway…..a blast from the past…..a trip down memory lane…….high school…..what i remember of it, was a typical teenage girls feelings…..awkward (never filled out my clothes right, i had braces, hair was always wrong..ya know…), self conscious, curious, rebellious, sad, and funny now that i look back on it……………good ol’ EP.

So… .ladies….do you remember your “Jake Ryan” and fellas……did you have a Molly Ringwald….ya know…that girl that liked you, but everyone thought was dorky, but you knew she liked you……………
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