What IS this glitter revenge I speak of? *from the archives*

Glitter revenge is something I learned from one of my favorite podcasts, Keith and The Girl. Most people hate glitter. Why? Because it sticks to absolutely everything and never seems to go away. When trying to clean it up, it’s sometimes so invisible, unless it hits the light a certain way, that you never can tell 100% if it’s all cleaned up. Months later you will find specks of glitter stuck to your black pants, or the flecks that adhere to your face and drive you nuts. Think about the tinsel at Christmas time or the fake snowflakes used in the little village you construct over the mantel. BUT 1,000 times worse because glitter is not as large and easy to see. When you receive a card in the mail with glitter on it, the second you open in, immediate glitter to your hands which then gets stuck on your face when you wipe the hair out of your eyes or itch your nose, and then that glitter lingers for ever. That is just a small amount. But enough to drive someone nuts because of the irritating nature. Now that we understand the annoyance of glitter and why it is so awesome to use, let’s get back to the actual act of glitter revenge.

First and foremost, to prevent backfire, make sure u are not on the premises and that this is not done on YOUR premises. If u do, then the jokes on you and that’s not what we are trying to do.

To start, it’s preferable to use the most finely cut and light glitter, most dust-like. The thicker the flecks, the less it adheres, easier to clean, and less annoying. Get a card, or note to send (something that will be folded and put in an envelope).

Open the card and fill with glitter.

Insert in envelope.

Fill envelope on both sides of the card with small layer of glitter.

Send to recipient.

Recipient opens and when they pull out card, glitter is pulled out too and spread everywhere. When card is opened, if it hasn’t spilled already, the glitter will be projected everywhere.

And THAT is glitter revenge. Just be careful when you open envelopes and cards sent to you!!!!

This year, for my birthday, I was victim to MY OWN glitter revenge! LOL!  🙂   Here is the proof!

Hot Mess Birthday Glitter Revenge

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