So Who IS The Bipolar Hot Mess?

Well,  I’m a 37-yr old woman with bipolar disorder, anxiety, eating disorders, and chronic back pain after a microdiscectomy surgery, just to name a few. I really thought I had a handle on my life, but that was laughable because just when things seemed to be under control, the proverbial “shit hit the fan,” and the foundations and walls I had worked my ass off to build, crumbled to the ground while the windows shattered, and I fell down in the pile of rubble.

I had worked hard through college, graduated in 2003 with a BA in Criminal Justice an a BS in Paralegal Studies and with honors. I walked off the graduation stage and into the doors of some of Chicago’s top law firms working in litigation. During the 8 years of working in that field (with a slight detour for a year of law school), I found love, got swept off my feet, lived a life that most would be envious, got married, and then one day I woke up, pulling pieces of rubble out of my hair. That was January of 2012.  Five years and one divorce later, I’m still attempting to piece it all back together.

Yes folks, in a whirlwind of events, I lost it all, including one of the hardest things in my life to maintain,  the stability I had finally established of my 2006 diagnosis of bipolar disorder.  If my life pre-crash wasn’t crazed and dramatic enough, life post-crash has left me being the epitome of the phrase “hot mess.”

So here I am at ground zero, trying to stabilize my bipolar disorder while also working to get myself back on my feet as the strong, independent woman I was before disaster struck.  I’m going to pull this Hot Mess back together and return as the new and improved, even stronger version of myself that will conquer everything thrown my way.  I’m determined to climb back to the top, and it’s going to be an interesting ride, guaranteed! With my magnetic forces in attracting drama and my sparkling personality, this ride is surely going to be quite entertaining.Who is the Hot Mess

Not only do I record my thoughts and dramas here, and on the Facebook page, but I am also the partner, and an author,  of a website called Ask A Bipolar. I also used to blog monthly for International Bipolar Foundation.  I even tried my hand at working in the non profit sector by working at the C.O.O. of Hope Xchange.  There is a lot of stigma attached to the bipolar illness and part of the reason I have created this blog is to show that even though I have bipolar disorder and lost everything during a crash, it is possible to, and I WILL, come out on top, AND SO CAN YOU! Having bipolar disorder should not, and WILL NOT, prevent YOU OR ME from living our dreams!!!!!  It may pose a greater challenge and we may have to work a little bit harder, but it can be done and it WILL be done, by me, and most of all,  BY YOU TOO!!!!!!!!

So, I’ll get to writing, you guys get to reading, and together lets conquer our goals one at a time and educate the world as much as we can about bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses!!!!!!


The Bipolar Hot Mess

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  1. Found you so insitefull and just so good to relate.I also learnt so much thanks a million. Keep it up love it.

  2. thanks for all your wisdom. It´s a condition difficult to understand, so giving light being on the “other side” is very helpful. Kind regards

  3. I saw your blog via a porting from one of my friends on Facebook. I only want to provide some words of encouragement but really don’t know what to say other than don’t give up and keeping working at it.

    1. , I believe hepnlig other women is what you were meant to do.I’m very proud of you for continuing to be so vocal and open in spite of your fear and how rocky it’s been lately. Please don’t stop sharing. You help me so much when your share what you’re feeling, thinking and struggling with. You’re a brave and courageous woman. Don’t ever forget that.