Why Couldn’t You Listen

We were alone
You tried
I said stop
Yet you persisted
I said no
Yet you kept pressuring
You finally stopped pressuring
But then started doing
I said stop
You didn’t care
You kept going
I said no.
“What did I do?” you respond
“Kiss me once, please”
I still refused
“Won’t you just kiss me?”
I still said no.
You pinned me down
You wouldn’t let me go
I tried to push you
But you are too strong
I try to move
But you are too big
You keep kissing me
And I keep saying no.
I guess you dont hear
Because you still do.
I can’t get this night out of my mind
I can’t forget your voice “what did I do?”
WHY did you do this to me?
If there were a few more minutes
Would you have pushed further?
When you kissed, I said no
When you tried more I said no

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