Your words sting right through my soul
Sit deep in my heart burning a hole
My mind is spinning I can barely breathe
My chest tightening, I can’t leave

Tears fill my eyes, my stomach in pain
Why do you hurt me and drive me insane?
Where did I fail, what didn’t I do?
I thought I was doing alright for you.

I stood by your side when no one else cared
I gave you everything I had, held your hand when no one else was there
And then you think you can tear me apart?
Stomp me to the ground and demolish my heart?

I’ve fought everyday to help you start your life new
Weathering the storms, holding tightly to you.
But the storm has come straight at me
Where is has come from, I just can’t see

Everyday the storm hits me harder than before
So here I lie, crumbling to pieces on the floor
Through good and bad I stayed by your side
Fought the urges to runaway and hide.

Now you leave me destroyed and a mess
You keep going each day, apparently i was worthless.
The love for me you say you feel
Is not love at all, it can’t be real.

For if it was real, you wouldn’t let me get this way
I deserve better, not feeling like I’m just the nuisance of the day.
Where did I fail you, I just can’t see
My heart was always for you, not for me.


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