With love I write…

With love I write these words to you
But even these words might not do
For all the love I hold for you in my heart
Not an appropriate word with which to start
I know I don’t always do the right thing
I get cranky and crabby and always have to sing
I realize my quirks can bug you to death
and now I can’t find a rhyme for death.

You are my life, you are the air that I breathe
I’ve tried to be perfect, even during your leave
My heart, my life, my soul I gave to you
Because when you love, that’s what you do.

When your heart would break, mine was broken too
When you were smiling, I was smiling back at you
This past year was wretched, for both of us you see
Even though I was on the outside, I still wasn’t free.

How could I be free when you were not here
And were miserable and lonely and nowhere near.
I thought about you every moment every day
And wished this nightmare would just go away.

So every free moment I devoted to you
I wanted to be the best and be everything for you
Even today, my love never fades
It doesn’t even waver, or change different shades
It will always be my whole heart and soul
And my life devoted to making yours whole.

Sometimes in the hustle of everyday life
I don’t always remember all the duties of a wife.
I forget to buy milk, or do the dishes sometimes
I’m so used to living so lonely at times.

I know I’m forgetful and clumsy to say the least
But I try hard to fix me and not turn you into a beast 🙂
I just want you back and to be normal again
To be like a husband and wife and be happy again.

I want to hug you and to hold each other tight
I don’t want to fall asleep alone anymore at night
I love you so much, you are everything to me
I hate making you upset, so please, please forgive me.



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