Without You

A day without you is like sitting in the rain
Drenched and heavy, feeling so cold each drop causing pain
A day without you makes me so empty inside
So hollow, so worthless,  its like a part of me has died

When we are together, I feel like I’m whole and complete
All the happiness that was missing came back in a sweep
You make me laugh and I’m a better version of me
When you are by my side, I know anything is a possibility

I try to do the same for you, and bring you things you were missing too
To have your back,  to bring you laughter when you were feeling blue
Yet somehow I went and ruined it all
It crumbled to pieces, I let it all fall

I never wanted things to be this way
You are my best friend, yet both our hearts pay
I hurt the one who gave me the most
Now I’m alone, left only with a ghost

I can’t take back what I did or said
That will live on, until we are dead
All I can say is that I’m empty and lost
And my horrid mistakes had an even worse cost

You understood me, you gave me it all
And all I did was make our hearts break and the pieces fall
I’m sorry I hurt you, I’m sorry I caused you pain
I’m sorry for all I do,  I take all of the blame

I know that you hate me,  I’m sure I hate me more
Telling you how much I love you, doesn’t mean a thing to u anymore
I know you closed the door to me, even though it has broken and killed me
I understand why, I know what you see

But let me tell you these final words, let me tell you whats really in me
You loved me when no one could even give me a glance, opened your heart, gave me a chance to see
You showed me life, how to live, and how to smile, how to have fun, and how to start over brand new
Made me believe I was beautiful, could be loved for real, and most of all, gave me a best friend in you.

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