womens work bathroom etiquette

Work Bathroom Etiquette

Ok. So as I sat down in the stall, I looked at the door and there was a sign that read,  “Out of consideration for your co-workers, please wipe the seat and flush the toilet before leaving”.


Who needs a sign to be put there to inform us of what I would think is common sense?  I mean, really, isn’t it common sense to flush the toilet?  Isn’t it automatic and a habit to push down the handle before you open the door????  Apparently not.  And with those plastic seat covers they provide, how the hell is someone doing their business that they get it all over the seat???

Strange things must happen in those bathroom stalls and I’m probably pretty damn sure that I don’t want to know about them. Let’s just hope that everyone else washes their hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Which I can almost guarantee they don’t, but there is no sign reminding us to do so……..)

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